The Amiri Diwan

This is a 118,000 square metre new build on an artificial island half a kilometre off the shore of Doha.

The 18-storey structure is proposed to hold the offices of HH the Emir of Qatar. The body of the building is designed as a crescent with a helipad in the form of a star, with reference to the Islamic identity of the country. The main building consists of 18 floors, carried on 12 columns, symbolising the national day of Qatar on the 18th of December.

At the very heart of the £150 million structure, the Emir’s office is located in such a way as to give direct views to Doha’s skyline from one side and the seaside from the other.

Golden calligraphic skin is wrapped around the seaside elevation representing a traditional “Mashrabiyah” screen that filters light coming in and out of the internal area.

The structure is also designed to hold a conference centre, VIP suites, a boat marina, a flag yard and large landscaped areas.

  • Location

    Doha - Qatar

  • Size

    118,000 m2