Squadra Architects were commissioned to design, supervise and execute calligraphic designs for this 35,270 m2 ultra-modern scheme for QFIS. Our team offered designs and solutions, utilizing modern Arabic calligraphy not only as a readable, visual and aesthetic element but also as an architectural and environmental one that harmonizes with the ultra-modern concept of this project.

The scope included proposals for materials, fixing methods, finishes, and fittings. The design process started from the visualization of the facades in three dimensions in order to assess the impact of ornamental elements in terms of shade and shadow not only on the exterior but also on the internal spaces.

Once three-dimensional presentations were approved, a flattened version of the facade was produced to work out the patterns and designs in two dimensions in order to give production guidance to manufacturers.

The project has been open to the public since 2015 and has won international design awards.

  • Location

    Doha - Quatar

  • Size

    35,270 m2