In association with another British practice, Squadra was invited to participate in a design competition for a 5-star hotel and bank building in Souq Waqif in Doha, Qatar.

A new plaza is proposed to create a breathing space within the city’s fabric and offers a link between the new hotel and the public realm.

The bank acts as a kind of bridge between the modern feel of buildings and the traditional fabric, look and feel of Souq Waqif, starting in the modern idiom with a gradual transition to the traditional character of Souq Waqif and our proposed hotel.

The existing and retained building is treated as an important integrated feature on the design and allows the organization of the site around it.

A stretch of small shops is proposed to link the new plaza with the existing mosque and to respond, react and mimic the busy Souq Waqif across the road, and to create an intermediate zone.

The proposal is organized to react to the pattern of the Islamic city. The overall site layout is a reaction of the organic, dense fabric, with lunk-like pockets to give breathing spaces to the buildings, to create good social areas, and to enhance the element of surprise whilst moving between the densely shaded areas and towards the open lungs.

  • Location

    Doha - Qatar