In 2019 Squadra was shortlisted by DAMAC to propose an art installation that also serves as a wind-mitigation system at ground level, between two towers of their
property located at London’s Vauxhall. Situated at this specific point, the entrance to a Park in the near future, surrounded by numerous real estate projects, our proposed concept was a “tree of letters” whereby each leaf represents one letter of various alphabets, reinforcing the concept of multiculturalism present not only in this ever-growing area but in London itself.

Whilst the technical purpose of the tree is to act as a windbreaker, it also interacts with its surroundings not only as an art piece, but also by releasing sandalwood perfume (symbolizing the Middle East, where the developer is from), it uses the slowed wind forces to carry pleasant scents to the commercial expansion located in the renovated area behind the towers and to their entrances as well.

  • Location

    Nine Elms, London - UK